Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday #7

Happy Wednesday Friends! Today I am linking up with Mix and Match FamilyPinterest Told Me To and The Larson Lingo for the What's Up Wednesday Post.  What's Up Wednesday occurs on the last Wednesday of every month and it is a fun list of questions getting ready for the upcoming month!

What We're Eating this Week: 

I had Olga's for dinner last night and that's about as much as I know for food for this week.  I've been failing on the food front.

What I'm Reminiscing About

Yesterday I went to a MSU to go meet some freshmen in college and let me tell you, it made me realize how much I miss my college days.  I have so many awesome memories from those years and have some pretty amazing friends too.  

What I'm Loving

Chili! I have been eating chili a lot lately since Michigan has been a bit chilly (pun intended).  There's a deli in my work that serves fresh chili and I find myself going there for lunch a lot to get a nice cup of chili for lunch.

What We've Been Up To

SO MUCH.  The last few weeks have been busy and I've been loving every minute of it.

What I'm Dreading

My commute home today.  We are supposed to be getting 6"-8" of snow while I am at work today and it will be AWFUL driving home from work today.  I may even have to cancel plans with my mom if the roads are really unsafe {which I am guessing they are}.  

What I'm Working On

Still working on cleaning up everything.  We managed to get our living room and kitchen picked up a bit, but we have a long way to go! I did buy The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing to help me get my life together since I feel like we have so much stuff we do not need in our home.

What I'm Looking Forward To

This weekend we are going to an escape room with our friend Kevin and Nick and I am excited/nervous to try this out.  If you don't know what it is, check out this site

What I'm Watching/Reading

Ellen's Design Challenge is such a fun show! She gives the contestants different concepts every week that they have a few days to build.  I love seeing all of the designs people come up with and I am always amazed at the talent of the contestants.

Last night I stumbled upon the Westminster Kennel Club 140th Dog Show on cable and ended up watching for a while.  I'm planning to watch the rest of it tonight! 

What I'm Listening To

Yesterday I shared with you the books I've been reading in the month of Febtuary.  This picture is a few days old, but I listened to the first and second book in the series over the month of February.  I cannot wait to start the 3rd book next month!

What I'm Wearing

With the weather all over the place lately, I've had some pretty wild outfits put together.  I'm looking forward to not wearing a winter jacket every day and being able to just wear a sweater.

What I'm Doing this Weekend

I mentioned this earlier, but we will be going to the Escape Room with Nick and Kevin.  I also have plans to do Yoga with some girlfriends on Saturday which will be a ton of fun!

Bonus: Favorite Easter Tradition

Going to church with my family and enjoying a big dinner. 

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Tomorrow I am participating in a fun event hosted by Fit Approach and Flex & Flow called Sip "N" Sweat.  If you're in the Portland area, they are gathering a large group of people in person! How fun! Otherwise, you can join virtually.

Here's what to do:
  1. Grab a friend.
  2. Have a sweat date. 
  3. Grab a glass of wine. 
  4. Post a picture on Instagram and tag #sweatpink, #flexandflow, #sipnsweat, @FitApproach, and @flexandflow.
Right now I am planning to workout with Christina and Sarah and do an upper body workout as those ladies are working on their pull-ups for this year! If I can, I will write down the workout and share it with you all during tomorrow's post. 

I'd love to hear from you!

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