Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gilmore Girls Workout

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope you made it through the Monday Madness and are refreshed and ready to take on the day today! Personally, I am dragging my feet a bit, but Dancing with the Stars Disney Night kept me energized for a little while and I didn't end up falling asleep until late.

Okay, so how many of you are Gilmore Girls fans? If you are anything like me you are super excited about the release of Gilmore Girls Revival and the fact that Melissa McCarthy is actually going to be on the show! I don't think they have release an official date of when the Netflix show will release, but I am super excited.

All of that being said, it has been loooonggg time since I've watched Gilmore Girls, so it only seems fitting that I spend time re-watching the entire series.  So of course I reached out to my other friends that like Gilmore Girls and one of my girlfriends and I agreed to watch the series together.  So any chance we get, we make time to sit down and "watch" the show together.  This consists of us both watching it at home and texting each other throughout the entire episode.  It is kind of fun to do it this way because I now have someone to gush over the show with while I'm reliving every episode.  

Well, both of us are both trying to exercise more and lose some weight, so Caroline came up with the idea to to workouts while we watch the episodes and she found a really good TV workout for Gilmore Girls through Pinterest and we've been using that one for every episode we watch.  Shout out to Eyeliner Wings & Pretty Things for creating this great workout graphic to use! If you go to her link, you can see a good Grey's Anatomy workout too!

I have to say, I did this workout when we last watched and my calves and abs are super tight! It is a great workout!

I am hoping that Caroline and I finish the entire series before the new show airs! 

Question of the Day: What shows are you binge watching right now?
I'd love to hear from you!

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