Thursday, July 7, 2016

Currently: July 2016

Happy Thursday Friends! I hope your week has been going well so far and you are looking forward to some fun plans this weekend! Today I am doing another fun round of "currently".  I came across this idea on Becca Dorr's Blog - you should check her out!

ANTICIPATING The first weekend in August I am going to Traverse City with some friends and I cannot wait! I have not been there is a long time so I am getting excited about the weekend getaway with friends and seeing a different side of the state for a change.

CLEANING Constantly.  We are still in the process of unpacking everything, so it feels like every time I turn around, I am cleaning something.  Thankfully we have a goal to get unpacked by the end of the month so I won't be doing this much longer!

DREADING Honestly, I don't think I am dreading anything right now.  Life has been pretty exciting and I have been focusing on all of the wonderful things happening lately that every day feels like an adventure.

DRINKING Iced coffee and water.  With adding more workouts into my day, I have been more tired than usual.  So of course, the natural thing is to have coffee, right? I finally tried my favorite Starbucks drink iced and I am hooked.  I love getting a Zebra Mocha (non-fat with whip) iced! It makes my day.  If I am not drinking my mocha, I am drinking water.  No more pop for this lady.

FEELING Excited! We have a ton of fun things planned this month and I am excited to do everything! I love getting together with our friends and enjoying each other's company.  So this month will be so much fun.

LISTENING Backstreet Boys Pandora radio.  Sarah picked the Backstreet Boys station for the 4th of July and ever since then I have been jamming to the music of my childhood.  I love all of the good memories this Pandora Station brings.

PLAYING Angry Birds! After we saw the Angry Birds movie I ended up downloading the game and have been playing it ever since then.  #guiltypleasure

READING For June I read The Heir and The Crown by Keira Cass.  In July I am planning to  read  the final book in The 5th Wave Series, The Last Star.  I am also reading For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards by Jen Hatmaker. 

RECOVERING I have been working out almost every day since The Bikini Series Challenge #2 started, so I have been trying to let my body recover from the beating I have been putting it through.  Protein and potassium are my main diet right now.

TRYING new foods! One of the good things about trying a new workout/diet is that I am being exposed to recipes and foods that I might not have otherwise done.  Thankfully, I have only found one thing that I really did not like.  I am looking forward to finding more things to incorporate into my diet!

WAITING to find out if we owe taxes or will be getting anything back.  I am hoping that we paid more into escrow than we needed and will be able to get some money back.  We will see! Fingers crossed. 

WEARING So much workout clothing! I actually bought a few workout capris and a tank top from Kohl's the other day and cannot wait for them to come in the mail! Check out the links here, here and here.

Question of the Day: What do you have going on "currently"?

I'd love to hear from you!

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