Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Last 5 Things I've Bought: July

Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week and are looking forward to an exciting rest of the week! 

Every now and then I like to do these random posts about the last five things I purchased and this seemed like the perfect time to share what I've purchased recently!

I know I have really not posted much about the house but we are homeowners and have lived in the house for almost 2 months! It is crazy how quickly those few months have gone by and we already have planned our housewarming party mid-August! I promise I will do a home tour when our house feels a little more put together and I wouldn't be horribly embarrassed by the mess.

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume & Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
I went to Costco with my mom a few weeks ago and decided to pick up these books while I was there.  Justin took me to see Me Before You a few weeks ago and I loved the movie.  But of course, it's always better to read a book first, so I decided it was time to grab the book and read it.  Of course, mom is reading it first then we are going to trade books.

I saw The Summer Sisters book on the shelf and decided to just go ahead and grab it because it looked like a good summer read.  Hopefully I end up loving both books when I can get around to reading them.

I am so excited because Justin's parents surprised me with a pair of Tieks for a belated birthday gift! I have been wearing the same pair of black flats to work for easily 2-3 years and have been desperately needing a new pair.  Tieks have been floating around Pinterest for a while and I've been having an internal debate about whether or not they are worth the price.  

Well, surprise to me! I have only had the chance to wear them a few times, but so far I love them! they are already confirming to my foot and feel so comfortable.  Plus, they travel well in a purse or suitcase. 

Qupid Cutout Philly Bootie from Zulily
When it comes to shoes, I am typically picky, but when these popped up as a Zulily Item, I knew that I had to buy them.  I do not have many short booties at home and thought this would be a great addition to my collection for this upcoming fall.  I believe this color is sold out, but they are available in Black! Go to the Zulily site and search for Cutout Philly Bootie.  

Last Wednesday I got together with my mom for our weekly mother/daughter dinner and she had something to return to Carson's.  While we were there, I saw this purse as we walked into the store and I fell in love.  It was on sale for $275.99 which was a lot more than I wanted to pay, but my mom had a coupon that was good for designer stuff, so I was able to get it down to $175.  BUT, they were having this deal that you got 2 $20 off $50 cards with every purchase, so between my mom and I we racked up enough to get $100 off the purse.  So I bought it Wednesday, but knew I couldn't use it until Friday/Saturday when I could get a price adjustment.

Saturday morning, I went back to the store and guess what! The purse went on sale even more so I ended up paying $90 for this purse! I cannot believe it! And it's perfect for me!


Question of the Day: What is one item you've purchased recently? 

I'd love to hear from you!

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