Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: 3 Things I Cannot Live Without

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope all is well and you are having a great day so far! Today I am teaming up with Andrea for another fun round of Show and Tell Tuesdays.  

Three Things I Cannot Live Without


For today's post, we are going to talk about the three things that I just cannot live without.  When I was thinking about doing this post, I honestly was struggling to come up with things because I try not to put too much value in possessions.  However, when I started taking this in the literal sense, I started to realize that I could not survive without a few things in both the physical and the mental sense.

*~* My Family and Friends *~*

The past few years have really showed me the importance of my family and my friends.  Growing up and experiencing life is not designed to be done alone and is something that should be shared with the people that we love.  

Of course Justin is one person I cannot live without.  He keeps me grounded when my head is in the clouds and he encourages me to be the best "me" I can be.  Without him, I would be missing a ginormous part and would have a large void.

Both of our families are extremely important to us both and I could not live without them.  My mom is ever my encourager and supporter when I am feeling like I do not have support.  My brother and step-dad always bring a good laugh and are very protective of our family.

Justin's parents have always been extremely supportive of Justin and I and I am grateful for them always being there to lend a hand when we were a little overwhelmed by life.  And Justin's sister and her family are always a spot of joy for me.  I love seeing the little ones and just loving on them.  It warms my heart to spend time with them.

Last but definitely not least are my two best friends.  These girls are my rock and I would be a lost puppy without them.  

*~* My Phone *~*

Because I have family and friends all over the place, my phone is the best way that I can stay in communication with them.  While the phone can pose as a very large distraction in my life, I also find that it allows me to be there for people when I am not able to be there in person.  My other best friend and college roommate just moved to Massachusetts and having my phone has allowed for us to communicate and stay connected as we both undergo huge changes in life.

*~* My Car *~*

If you know me, then you know that I love to drive.  I will literally take any opportunity I can get to drive and my car has taken me on plenty of adventures over the past almost five years.  Not to mention I kind of need a car to make my 80 mile round trip per day drive to work.  I love my car and all of the adventures it has taken me on.


Well that is all for today's post!

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