Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Highs & Lows #49

Hello everyone!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with fun and exciting adventures  

Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We had a rather low-key weekend which was a great way to start the first week of the year! 



On Saturday, Justin and I slept in and enjoyed a relaxing morning with breakfast in bed.  The morning was spent doing laundry and cleaning the house.  In the afternoon, my mom and I went to a local Vintage Market to check out what fun things they have on sale.  While I was there, I got a few good ideas for things I could use around my house.  I love going to vintage markets or other types of places that have some creative ideas for decorating our house.  Aren't these so cute? 

Sunday Justin woke up with a massive migraine, so we spend the morning relaxing in bed.  For the afternoon, we started taking down our Christmas decorations.  Of course, it is taking a little longer than normal since I've been going through all of our stuff and getting rid of things we no longer need.  One of my biggest goals this year is to purge anything and everything we no longer need and what better place to start than our Christmas decorations? So we gathered all of them together and started going through them.  The plan is to get the rest finished by the end of the week.

Sunday evening we spent time playing Mario Party 10 on the WiiU with Nick and Kevin and I ended the weekend watching the Golden Globes.  Did you watch? 

Honestly, I was sad to take the tree down this weekend.  I love having a tree and all of the Christmas decorations around.  But alas, it is January 9th and we really needed to take our tree down.

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