Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Disappointment

Hey All. So I totally blanked on posting last night! So here I am this morning playing catch up!

Last Friday I went to the running store to ask them about the shin splints and what I needed to do to help lessen the pain.  The gentleman at the store said that I just needed new shoes and that after a few times running, the shoes should fix the shin splint problem.  Sounds wonderful right? At least I thought so.

So yesterday I got home from work and was all excited that I was hopefully going to be able to run with less pain than the last few times I went running.  Boy was I ever wrong... The guy at the shoe store was right, the shin splints were not nearly as noticeable as the last 3 times I went running, but I developed a completely new pain in my right foot that was almost unbearable.  I got about .6 miles into the run when the pain started to begin and by the time I had gotten 1 mile in, I could barely walk.  I tried to run a little more thinking that I could just work through the pain, but that just exacerbated the pain 10x more.  So for the last 1/2 mile home, I had to basically limp home.  

I am so extremely frustrated right now.  I have been working so hard to train for the 1/2 marathon and in only 3 weeks I have been reduced to limping around.  By the time I got home from the run yesterday, I was pretty much in tears from the frustration and anger at what was going on, but instead of wallowing in self-pity, I grabbed my bike and left.  I figured that because running was causing me so much pain, I would try something that was not nearly as stressful on my feet.  The first little bit of the bike ride was painful but after about 10 minutes, the pain in my foot disappeared.  When I left the house I really wasn't sure where I was going to go, but I knew I was going. :D  I ended up riding the 3 miles to the Village of Rochester Hills and just relaxed there for about 10 minutes, then headed home.  I honestly think I would have stayed longer, but I didn't have a bike lock and I wasn't going to just leave my bike sitting out at the mall.  That and I didn't have my wallet or any money, so I couldn't shop either way.  I should probably get a bike lock soon.  Maybe today/tomorrow?

I have to say that I am proud of myself for not going home and just sitting after the run.  Although I am extremely disappointed that I couldn't finish my run, I am glad that I can say I exercised for a good hour yesterday.  After work today I am going to take the shoes back to the running store and talk to them about the pain.  They may be able to suggest what I need to do.  We shall see.

It is a common practice for people to use pictures as inspiration and up until now, I haven't really had any 'person' per say that I wanted to look like.  I was on Pinterest browsing the fitness section and came across these pictures:

I absolutely love Jennifer Aniston.  I've always felt that she hasn't let the pressures of Hollywood get to her and she has always looked healthy to me.  To me she has always looked like she is just solid muscle and that is my ultimate goal.  It's not so much the pounds but rather the inches.  Jennifer Aniston will be my inspiration for now and I aspire not to look just like her, but to be her level of fit. Plus, she always makes me laugh in whatever role she's in. :)

I came across this pretty awesome blog a few days ago:
She blogs daily, and sometimes 2-3 times a day depending on what she is blogging about. What caught my attention for her blog was her posts about what she is eating.  I was thinking that it would be fun to start sharing what I am eating to give other ideas, and to help me keep better track of what I have been eating.  I will not go as far a pbfingers to do this daily, but I think it would be fun to share some yummy and healthy recipes with everyone that my husband and myself both like!

Anyway, here are my stats for my run and bike adventures:
Distance: 1.5 Miles
Time: 21:21
Calories Burned: 152
Average Speed: 
Painful Spots: Right FOOT!
Time of Day: 3:00pm
Song of Choice: "The Fighter" by Gym Class Heroes.  This song seriously is so inspirational
Additional Notes: I forgot to take the picture again.  I will have to do that tonight after Weight Watchers
Distance: 6.04 Miles 
Time: 47:07
Calories Burned: 207
Average Speed: 7mph
Painful Spots: My knees ached a bit while I was going, but I think it's because I was using different muscles
Time of Day: 4:00pm
Song of Choice: "Dance Again" by J-Lo

Well! I really should get back to work! I hope everyone enjoys their Hump Day!

Over and Out.

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