Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bridal Gowns and Bridesmaid Dresses

Hey All! I thought I would start today's post off with this picture:
This was the sunset when I was driving home from the bridesmaid dress fitting today.  It was absolutely beautiful! An excellent ending to an excellent day.

Today I had another three mile run and it was definitely a lot harder today.  I didn't realize how much yesterday's run took out of me until I started running today.  I was able to run the first mile without walking but once I got past then I started to really struggle.  It actually had nothing to do with pain today, but rather with my breathing.  Because I am still fighting off a cold, my breaths were very short and I was having a hard time breathing in and out.  That and I couldn't stop coughing.  But I was able to finish the three miles and the time wasn't all that terrible.

After I got my run in I had to go home and basically gather my stuff and head out.  I had my Weight Watchers meeting tonight and I was down .2 pounds which put me RIGHT back into the range that I was stuck in for 6+ weeks.  I am not really too upset about it though because it is a weight loss and every weight loss should be celebrated.

After Weight Watchers my friend and I headed out to a dress fitting for her bridal gown and my bridesmaid dress.  She was kind enough to get my dinner from Subway! They have a lot of really great options for a filling healthy meal if you are wise with your choices.  I had a turkey sandwich on wheat with provolone, lettuce and lite mayo and a side of apples with a bottle of water.  Altogether the meal was a total of 9 Weight Watchers points.  Not too shabby!

After Subway we headed out to the fitting! Here is a picture of me in the dress:

The dress is cropped so high because this is actually a picture of the bride and myself and I don't think it would good if I posted a picture of the bride before her wedding day!

Anyway, here is my stats for today's run:

Time: 36:33
Distance: 3 Miles
Calories Burned: 356.1
Average Pace: 4.9
Time of Day: 3:00pm
Winded (scale 1-10): 9
Song of Choice: Trojans by Atlas Genius
Any Painful Spots: My left calf cramped really bad AFTER the run and has not stopped cramping since the run.  I am hoping it will be gone by tomorrow
Wednesday Weigh In: 171.0

Additional Notes: The shoes are starting to break in so any other painful spots should start disappearing by the end of the week.

Well it's getting late and I am exhausted! Thanks for checking in.

Over and Out.

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