Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lions, Tigers & Bears.... Oh My!

Hello All! Today has been such a wonderful day.  I was able to celebrate my birthday with some of the closest people in my life and it was amazing.  This morning my in-laws, my husband and myself went and ran a 5k not too far from our house.  Unfortunately my time was not any better than the last time that I ran, but I definitely had wonderful company and that was more than satisfactory.  This is a picture of us before the race:
For my birthday my in-laws got me a really nice running sweater/jacket.  I was not wearing it in the picture because it was actually too warm to be wearing.  But it is super cute and I look forward to wearing it ALL the time! At the race today my husband decided to run at a pace much faster than my pace so I was "on my own", but I was able to find someone that went my pace and made friends with her.  Well, about a mile in, my husband was waiting for me and he ended up running with me for the rest of the face.  I LOVED it!

For today's race I was able to finish in 36:42.  This is actually about 10 seconds longer than my last 5k and I will admit that I am disappointed that it took me a little longer than the last time I ran, but I have to take into consideration that my shin splints were causing me to run slower.  BUT I am excited that I was able to run the first 2 miles without stopping.  I can't usually do that, so I will celebrate the small things there.

After the race I went to the Zoo with my closest friends and it was amazing! I haven't been to the zoo in sooo long! We were able to see all of the exhibits that everyone wanted to see and it was nice to just be walking around outside and enjoying the company of good friends :)

Well there will be no time/speed post today because of the race and I am exhausted from all of the excitement.  I am not sure if I will be posting any running tomorrow because I think I will need to give my legs a break and let the shin splints heal a bit.  

Well, Happy Mother's Day to all of you Momma's out there! I am off to bed.

Over and Out.

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