Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Drop Dead Healthy

Guess who is officially a graduate student?! I am! While I was headed to my hair appointment yesterday I got an e-mail stating that I was accepted into the I/O Psychology Master's program at Wayne State University located in Detroit, MI.  I could not be any happier that I got into the program and I've been doing all kinds of research for financial aid and all other kinds of research on scholarships.  I think we are going to celebrate this weekend by going out to dinner with some family and friends.  It's going to be pretty low key, but I look forward to spending time with people I love.

I got back on track and went on a run today and I have to say it was rather enjoyable.  I really should have gone running this past weekend, I am sure it would have put me in a much better mood.  I would have gladly headed outside for a run today, but seeing as it was 98 degrees when I got home from work, that didn't seem like the wisest idea to me.

Last week I was checking out the PBFingers blog and she had mentioned what the book club book for the month of June was going to be.  The readers decided on the book, "Drop Dead Healthy" by A.J. Jacobs.  I have been reading a lot of fiction, teen oriented books lately and when I saw PBFingers book choice, I thought it would be a generous change of pace, and it definitely was!
If you haven't heard of this book, I would definitely recommend it! Jacobs's quest to be the "healthiest man on earth" is one of great research and comedy.  There was rarely a point in the book where I found my brain wandering onto other things and the times I did was because my phone was ringing and I had to answer it.

I love how often Jacobs references his family in the book and while you read it you begin to feel like you are really there talking with his Grandfather or his Aunt and wish that you actually knew them in person.  Jacobs does an excellent job of taking what would normally be a rather boring read and turns it comical by saying things like, "What else can I fix? What about that chin? It sort of flows smoothly into the throat, creating a combined chin/throat: a choat".  I literally laughed out loud at that sentence.

If you are looking for a book that will give you a wide variety of research on health and the body then this book is definitely for you.  Jacobs does an excellent job taking all different ideas into consideration and does not cross them off until he's tried them or they have been deemed not safe.  So if you are looking for a lighthearted, knowledge wealthy book this is it!

On that note, here are my results from today's run.  I do have to say that the timing is beginning to level off and I am averaging same times for same distances to within seconds of the other runs.  This makes me feel pretty good that at the very least I have an average time to be looking for in the long run.

Time: 47:07
Distance: 4 miles
Calories Burned: 481.4
Average Speed: 4.1
Time of Day: 2:30p.m.
Any Painful Spots: left rib cage and shins a bit
Song of Choice: No music, just HGTV  (Gotta get my fill!)

Question of the day: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Thanks for checking in! I'll be back tomorrow.

Over and Out.

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