Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberries Anyone?

Hey  All! I hope everyone's weekend has been as enjoyable as mine has! Yesterday we were rudely awoken by the landscaping staff at our complex trimming the bushes back.  I am not sure why they had to do this at 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday, but that is what they decided to do.

None-the-less, I had to get up somewhat early so I could get my run in for the day.  According to my running schedule, I was to do 10 miles yesterday, but I didn't quite make it that far.  About 8 miles into the run the top of my left foot starting aching REALLY badly and instead of forcing myself to go the last mile and a half, I decided to just stop running.  I was afraid if I kept running I would end up doing some real damage to my foot.  I did, however, make it for 8.5 miles, so that is pretty good if I do say so myself!

After the gym I headed out to run some errands and get the ingredients for a cake for my mother-in-laws birthday! Her favorite cake is a carrot cake and I had NO idea what I was doing for the cake but it ended up turning out pretty good!

Today we surprised my mother-in-law and took her strawberry picking! I haven't been strawberry picking since I was about 5, so I was really looking forward to going today and the strawberries were super delicious! Look how delicious our berries looked!

It was so nice to be outside and getting some good exercise bending up and down to get the berries.  We ended up with 6.8 pounds of berries so when we got home we divided them up and gave away some to our neighbors.  It was nice to share and they were all pretty excited to get some fresh picked berries.  

Once the excitement of the berries died down Justin and I settled in for the evening to do laundry and work on cleaning the house.  I also had a project to work on for a friends birthday celebration tomorrow, but I will have to post a picture another day because she reads my blog! 

This week's running schedule is going to be a little off because I am literally busy this week.  I think tomorrow I am going to try to go do some CT so I can make sure that I worked out at least 5 times in the last week.  Tuesday I am supposed to run 5, Wednesday is 3 miles, Thursday is 4 miles and Saturday is 11.  I am not sure how Saturday is going to work because we are going to Chicago for his cousins wedding reception and we have to get there at a semi-decent time.  We shall see what happens!

Well, I really should go back to cleaning the house even though I have no desire to!

Here are my results from the run:
Time: 1 hour, 34 minutes
Distance: 8.5
Calories Burned: 980
Average Speed: 5.1
Any Painful Spots: top of left foot, right rib cage
Song of Choice: Still hooked on HGTV
Time of Day: 9:00 am
Goals for this Week: Get all of the week day runs in.  I am not expecting Saturday to be successful, but I will aim to get at least a short run in!

Well, that's all for now! Thanks for checking in and I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Over and Out.

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