Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Focus, New Haircut!

I can't believe I did it, but I finally chopped my hair.  As part of me revamping and refocusing my life, I decided to go for a more "grown up" look for my hair.
This picture was taken on my first day at my new job.  I love the look of my hair and how pretty it is, but it was taking me WAY too much time in the morning to get ready and I was beginning to really feel the lack of sleep. 
So, I decided to cut some time out in the morning and chop my hair! It was such a thrilling, yet scary, feeling when she did the first cut on the back of my head.  I seriously felt she had cut a chunk of y hair, and she had! There was so much hair when wer were done, my lovely hairstylist, Stacey, said it looked like we maimed a Yorkie dog. Can you believe how much hair that is? I wish I could have donated it, but it was not quite long enough to get donated. *frown* 
I love the new hairdo and it is definitely a time saver to have my hair cut like this! PLUS, I have gotten large amounts of compliments on the new do. I am really looking forward to seeing all of the new things I can do with my short hair and trying out a bunch of different ways to style it.
Another exciting thing that is happening this week is the start of graduate school! I have my very first class this evening and could not be more nervous/excited to start. The perfect way to to describe my nerves is the feeling you get as you are going up the hill of a rollercoaster.  You are excited to be on the ride, nervous for the drop, and cannot wait for the ball to get rolling!
My outlook on graduate school is that it will be a new and exciting adventure! I have been waiting since I got accepted into Wayne State which is like the hill of the roller coaster and today I finally get to go over the hill and experience the excitement of going "down the hill"!
Justin and I are heading to the U.P. tomorrow evening, so I will definitely have some fun stuff to share with you all! And I will have to talk about how my first day of school went!
So here is my question of the day:
  • What exciting things in your life are you anticipating like the excitement of a rollercoaster?
  • What other euphesisms would you use to describe exciting events in your life?

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