Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Job, SUPER Busy

Hey All!

So as I mentioned on Saturday, I had planned on going to run on Sunday.  WELLLLL, that never happened.  We ended up going to Ikea to look for a new kitchen table because ours was too large and we ended up giving it away to Justin's co-worker.  I have to say our kitchen looks rather large without the table in there.

The trip to Ikea was rather exciting because Justin and his parents have never been there before and it was a treat for them.  I would have to say that I was rather overwhelmed with ALL of the stuff they have in that store.  It seriously feels like it is NEVER ENDING, but they have great products at pretty darn good prices.

We ended up buying a few things here and there for storage and did find our table! However, we did not buy it while we were there.  We wanted to make sure to have enough money to buy the table and at least two chairs and on that day we did not.

That was the exciting end to our weekend!

As promised, I said I would post about my new job.
This is the building I am working in now! It is in downtown Detroit and it's called the Renaissance Center! I work in one of the 5 towers on the 11th floor and it has been pretty amazing! So far in my first week and a half I have not accomplished too much because I am in the process of learning the routine and the schedules of everyone and how the office generally works.  That and my boss has been on vacation since last Friday.

This is me on my first day.  Take a good hard look at my long hair because I am getting ready to get it cut shorter! That won't be happening this week because I just haven't had time to make an appointment.

While I am loving the job so far and have been enjoying being super busy, I am also starting to get frustrated with the inability to train.  My two options for training are these: get up at 5:00am and go run to get my workout in before work OR try to go when I get back from work.  Unfortunately, I am by no means a morning person.  In fact, I am the antithesis of a morning person.  I would rather sleep the extra 30 minutes than get my butt up and look good. So getting up at 5:00am is really not the best option for me. 

On the other side is working out in the evenings.  The biggest issue I have been facing is the lack of energy.  I cannot seem to, for the life of me, muster up the energy to drag my butt to the gym after I have gotten home from work.  I think the biggest issue I am facing is that I get home from work between 5-6, cook dinner, pick up the house if necessary and then I finally get a chance to sit down.  Sitting down is what is doing me in.  If I could keep going, I honestly think I could probably muster up enough energy to go to the gym and work out.

The blessing of being married to my husband is that he has been working dilligently to make my life less stressful by helping out around the house.  He has even gone as far as to suggest purchasing me a treadmill so that I do not have to go to the gym in the evening but could just get my run in when I am at home.  I might just have to take up his idea and get myself set up in the basement.


Well, I gotta head back to work, but I figured I would check in since I promised I would.

Over and Out. 

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