Saturday, August 11, 2012

North, South, EAST, West

Hey All!

Wow, the last 2 1/2 weeks have been absolutely chaotic and I've loved every moment of it! On July 25th, Justin and I headed out to Vermont for the beginning of our summer vacation! The beginning of our trip was dedicated to going to my friends wedding.  

Doesn't she look beautiful?! This was us before her wedding ceremony.  It was such a beautiful night with the rolling hills in the background and the beautiful Capitol Plaza in the historic, capital city of Vermont.  After the ceremony was complete we all hopped into the limousine and went to get some pictures taken at the capital building.  I REALLY look forward to seeing her pictures because they were a blast to take.

After our visit to Montpelier we headed out to visit some family members! For 2 days we stayed in Vernon, Vermont to visit with Justin's aunt, uncle and cousin which was good because I ended up being sick while we were there.  From our relaxing visit in Vernon, we headed out to Boston to visit with my dad! We did all kinds of fun things while we were there like go to Cape Cod, go clamming at Duxbury Beach, and saw the Red Sox play the Tigers at the beautiful Fenway Park!

  After our quick visit to Boston, we headed down to Phillie to visit with Justin's cousin.  This was the last portion of our trip, so we made sure to spend some time relaxing before we came back to Michigan.

While we were in Phillie, we made it a point to go see the Phillies play at Citizens Bank Park.  We have an ultimate goal to go see a professional baseball game at every park in the U.S. and this was the beginning of our adventure!

On Sunday, we headed back to Michigan to get ready to go back to work, or in my case, start a new job on Monday! I will have to do another post regarding the new position another day!

I wanted to give an update on my training for the 1/2 marathon because I obviously have not been training for over a month now.  As of tomorrow, we will be 8 weeks away from the 1/2 marathon, and I am beginning to seriously doubt that I will be able to do the race.  HOWEVER, I will be starting my training back up tomorrow in order to see how far behind I feel from not training.  Once I get the general idea of how bad off I am, I will make my final decision on the race.  If I do not feel I can do the one at the end of September, I will be looking for one in the Spring to race in.

Well, that is all for now.

Over and Out.

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