Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pirates at Work?

Good morning everyone! I hope the first half of the week has been wonderful for you! It sure has been a strange week for me.
Yesterday at work I headed down to our local post office and was pleasantly surprised when a Pirate went waltzing through the building.  While I thought it was a bit strange, I just figured this man wanted to look like Captain Jack Sparrow for the day and decided that it would be fun to walk around dressed like him.  Turns out there was a logical explanation for his presence in my building.
This week is Navy week at GM and they were doing a presentation for the Commemoration of the War of 1812. 
On my lunch break I headed down to where the presentation was held to check everything out.  I have to say it was awesome to see the hundreds of Navy men and women walking around and talking to the civilians.   And the ships were pretty awesome!

 We were allowed to go onto the ships, but unfortunately I only had a half hour to get down to the river and back, and I somehow had to eat my lunch as well.
I think it is so awesome that GM does Navy Week here at the Renaissance Center.  It is not often that you get to walk up to a person in the armed forces and say thank you for their service, let alone be part of something the honors their hard work.  A special shout out to all of those in the service: Thank you for your service!
I wish that I had had more time to enjoy the ships, pirates and Navy Seals, but unfortunately work had to come first.  It was definitely difficult to leave the beautiful weather we were having yesterday.  On my way out, I managed to grab a picture of the river and the pretty clouds.
Say Hello to Canada!
Today has been rather uneventful so far.  With all of the students heading back to school, traffic has been a lot heavier than during the summer, so it takes extra time to get to work today.  I really need to get a book on tape to listen to when I am driving to and from work/school to keep me entertained while I am driving. 
Question of the Day:
What book should I listen to on tape?

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