Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

Good morning everyone! The sun was so pretty this morning, I had to grab a picture while I was sitting in traffic on I-75.

This weekend was rather uneventful, but I was glad that it was not chaotic.
On Saturday, I spent some much needed time cleaning up around the house and doing laundry since I had ignored most of it for the week.  Later in the afternoon, I went to my in-laws house to work on a baby gift for my sister-in-law due on October 15.  I would gladly post about the project, but it is a surprise and I wouldn't want to ruin anything for her.
After the time at my in-laws, Justin and I headed out to a party at our friends house.  It was just a small get together, and we hung out for about an hour before heading home to get some sleep.
Sunday was pretty quiet around the house.  Justin got up early to go golfing with his dad, uncle and cousin out in White Lake.  From the sounds of things, he had a good time, but did not do as well as he had hoped. 
My Sunday looked a lot like this:

I have a final exam this evening for one of my classes, and set up shop to study for the day.  *I must note that this is the table we were trying to get from Ikea last weekend, but were unsuccessful in our ventures.  Justin was able to go on Wednesday evening to get a table for us.  Isn't it pretty?*

Anyway, I sat at that table for at least six hours studying for my exam and do not feel like I am 100% prepared for the test at 4:30.  I guess we shall see how that goes.

Two exciting things happened this weekend though! I finished the project I was working on for my sister-in-law and it is almost ready to be mailed, and I bought some new boots to wear for this fall through Hautelook.

I ended up buying them in the gray and black because, as you can see in the picture, they were such a great deal.  They should be here late this week/early next week.  The only thing I am worried about is the width of the shaft.  Boots tend to be too tight on my calves, so I have my fingers crossed that they will fit me and be comfortable to wear.  If not, I will just return them. 

Question of the Day:
What is the one accessory that you love, but have a hard time finding that works for you?

P.S. the Info About the Blog, Good Reads, Adoption Story & Recipes tabs have all been recently updated!

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