Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Disappointed with a Purchase

I mentioned the other day that I had purchased two super cute sweaters! I was so excited because I do not have too many sweaters that look good (the rest are very frumpy) and the two I purchased were a perfect change of pace for me.

However, I wore one of the sweaters on Monday to work and it started to fall apart.
I was so disappointed when this happened, and was dreading trying to return it because they might not accept a previously worn item back.  Yesterday I went back to Buckle and they told me the seamstress could fix it for me.  I will be going back on Thursday to see if they can fix it.  If it is not fixable, then they will do an even exchange for me. It is always nice when companies have good customer service.

After dropping off the sweater, my mom and I went out to Maggiano's for dinner.  Their food is absolutely delicious! I love their lasagna and I ALWAYS order it when I go there.  Their alfredo is also very delicious and worth trying!

I will have to give you an update on the sweater when I have one tomorrow!

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