Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To Get a Kitty, or to Not Get a Kitty

After the trip to the Farmer's Market, I went home to spend some much needed time with Justin.  Because the week had been so chaotic, I barely saw him and we needed to run a few errands here and there. 
Originally, we had talked about going to the Detroit Zoo to check out the big pet adoption fair the Michigan Humane Society was hosting there, but by the time I had gotten home and we had eaten lunch, we would barely get there before it ended.  So we decided to pass on that.  However, while we were running around, we decided to stop by our local Petsmart.  Boy was that ever a bad decision.  They were having adoptions that day and they had all kinds of puppies and kittens just waiting to get a good home.  It really was heart wrenching knowing that they might not all go to a good home.
When we first walked in, we went straight to the kittens because if we were to get any pet, that would be our choice.  They had so many adorable kitties there, and they were all ages.  We saw some as little as nine weeks and some as old as two years.  We began talking with one of the foster ladies there and told her that if we were to get a kitten, it would definitely need to have a large personality and be personable.  Well guess what, they had one.  A cute little four month old, orange tabby kitty that loves to cuddle and loves people. 

I'm sure you're dying to know if we went home with him... we did not.  We had to make sure that before we committed to the full life of this kitten that we were prepared to take on that responsibility.  So we left Petsmart and headed out to Olive Garden for dinner. 

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