Sunday, November 18, 2012

Birthday Party!

Why hello there! I hope your weekend has been as fun-filled as mine has!

Yesterday Justin and I headed out to my parents house to celebrate my step-dad, Jason's, birthday.  Every year we have a tradition of making him a Waldorf Astoria cake that my grandmother has made for years.  The cake is a form of "red velvet", but it is significantly more dense than your typical cake.  

I had intended on getting the recipe from my mom last night, but forgot to grab it before we left. 

It looks something like this when the cake is completed.  So delicious! 

The other good thing about going to my parents house is getting to see our kitty! Only three more weeks until we get to have him back living with us.  Although, I have to say, he seems to be pretty comfortable at my parents house.

He's always winking at us, we really should just call him Winky instead.

Question of the Day:
What birthday traditions do you have?
What is your favorite cake?

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