Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Reading Plan!

Happy Thursday Evening!

I just got home from doing a Zumba class with my friend, Janna, and her mom.  If you have not tried Zumba before, I would definitely recommend trying it.  It's basically you spending an hour or so dancing and having fun, but all the while you are getting a great cardio workout.  If you're interested in finding a class in your area check out this site.  I believe most places charge $10 for a drop in, so if you're not wanting to commit fully to the class, you can always drop in one week to give it a try.

Plus, I always leave the gym with a smile after I have done Zumba.

Today was rather uneventful outside of work and running the occasional errand.  One of my co-workers recommended that instead of eating lunch at my desk I get out of the office and "reset" my brain during lunch.    This is what my lunch looked like today:

I have been collecting magazines for about a year and since I didn't have a book to read (I finished the last one a few nights ago) I decided to grab a magazine to bring to work.  I have to admit, I skipped over the sex advice part out of fear that someone would see *blush* I am a married woman, but I still giggle when people talk about that kind of stuff.

On an exciting note, I picked up a TON of books from the library to read.  A few nights ago I asked my Nestie friends for some good books to read over the Holidays and they gave me a large selection to choose from.  So what did I do? I put a hold on as many of those books as I could.

Generally when I put holds on books they slowly make their way to my library and I can get through a few.  Not this time.  Eight of them showed up in two days! Guess I need to get to reading.

Question of the Day:
Have you read any of these books?
Which one would you start with?

P.S. The Good Reads and Workouts Pages have been updated!

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