Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Workout Twins

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Only two days until Thanksgiving and I am super excited!

Yesterday started with fog.  A lot of fog.

This is a picture of the Detroit River that I took yesterday morning while I was at work.  It was so shocking to turn around and see that the river was no longer visible because of the fog, but it sure as heck made for a pretty awesome picture!

Last week I posted a picture of eight different books to choose from and I told you all that I would let you know which one I ended up with!

I picked Bossypants because it was really the only logical choice.  I did not want to read the Jen Lancaster books out of order and I had all but the first two books in my possession at the time.  I also had the Wishin' and Hopin' book, but I was told that it had more of a Christmas theme to it, so I decided to hold out and read that one closer to Christmas.  So I chose Bossypants, and so far it has been hilarious.  Once I finish the book, I will make sure to share my review with you!

Last night, Janna and I made another run to the gym to try another PBFingers Total Body Workout.  It looks a little something like this:

Janna and I modified it a little bit to match our physical ability (i.e. only using 16 weights for Bicep curls and 40 lbs for Deadlifts), but overall I feel that this workout kicked my rear end.  When we tried the other Total Body Weights Workout, however, I felt that we were targeting more of our entire body, whereas this workout hit mostly our arms and touched on the legs and abs.  But, I can definitely say that this works and I am sore today!

On a rather comical note, Janna and I ended up wearing very similar outfits to the gym yesterday.  We even had the same capri pants on! Several people asked us if we planned to match and I can honestly say that we did not.  Although, I did get a good laugh at the fact that we matched.

I am hoping that Janna and I will head out to the gym again tonight so we can try a new workout together!

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