Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday/Saturday Fun Times

Last night a few of my girlfriends came over to hang out and do some Valentine's Day crafts.  I am working on a wreath for Valentine's Day that is turning out SUPER cute! So when I get done with it, I will make sure to share the tutorial with all of you.

After doing crafts, we watched Pitch Perfect since a few people had not seen the movie before.  It is still one of my favorites and always gets me to have a good laugh.

Holy Cow am I sore today! Janna and I went to the gym this morning to do some Zumba and do our Tina's Best Body Boot Camp Workout and all I have to say is OUCH! But it is a good ouch! The goal of this workout was to do 100 reps of each exercise that Tina gave us and by the time I completed the last set, I was thoroughly exhausted and feeling the burn.

After working out for 3.5 hours at the gym today, I showered and headed out to the mall with my mom to do some shopping.  I did not have anything in mind that I was specifically looking for, but I ended up scoring two dresses, two tops and two belts for $8.00 at Charming Charlie (I had a gift card).  I am rather excited about the outfits because I have not been shopping for new clothes in quite some time.  

The top two are the dresses with the belts and the bottom two are the shirts I bought.  What do you think?

Question of the Day:
What is your favorite clothing store to buy clothes?

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