Saturday, January 5, 2013

Relaxing Saturday with Family

Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope you had a nice and relaxing Saturday like I did.  

This morning started off with Janna and I heading to the gym for a workout.  I mentioned last month that Janna and I will be running a 5k and 10k in the next few months and today we sat down and made a plan for our training and to decide what races we are going to do this year.  I am excited to announce that we are going to run the Ann Arbor half marathon in June! It will be both of our first and while we are both nervous, it's going to be pretty awesome.

We have also decided that it would be totally awesome to run The Color Run this year! I cannot wait to run this.  I had originally planned to sign up for it last year, but due to some scheduling conflicts I was unable to run it.  So this year is the year of The Color Run and I cannot wait! 

The best part of The Color Run is it is the day before my birthday so we will have a total blast staying down in Ypsilanti the night before and celebrating in style! Once we have a definite training schedule in hand, I will make sure to share with you what we are using.

After my excellent workout with Janna this morning, I showered and headed up to my parents house to go get facials with my mom.  I had intended to get pictures of my mom and I, but I was so excited to be there that I forgot.  

After our facials, we headed home to have Shepherd's Pie and cake to celebrate Justin's birthday with my family.  Justin has requested Shepherd's pie for dinner on more than one occasion, so I made sure to tell my mom to make that for him.  It was delightful! I will have to share the recipe with you all when I make it again.

After dinner we had funfetti cake for dessert.  Justin is not a huge fan of cake, but if he had to choose one flavor, it would be funfetti, so that was his cake this year! It was super delicious.  Oh and did you know if you do milk instead of water, melted butter instead of oil, and add an extra egg the cake tastes homemade? My mom saw it on her friend's Pinterest and it really did give it less of an "out of a box" taste to the cake.

Silly brother took my camera... haha

A few weeks back, Justin and I played Mille Bornes for the first time at his parents house and loved it.  So you can imagine our excitement when my mom gave Justin that for his birthday! It's such a fun family-friendly card game.  If you're in the market for a new board/card game, I would check this one out!

Question of the Day: 
What is your favorite game to play with family?

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