Monday, February 4, 2013

Birthday and the Super Bowl™!

Did you watch the Super Bowl™? I did, sorta.  

The Super Bowl™ is not a big deal in our house unless there is a team that we are really rooting for.  This year just so happens to be one of those years where we are indifferent to who wins.  But congratulations to the Ravens for their Big Win!

Sunday started out with Janna and I heading to the gym to do our fit test and workout for Tina's Best Body Boot Camp.  At the beginning of Boot Camp, we were supposed to do a fitness test that gives you a general starting point for your physical ability.  You are also supposed to take some basic measurements to see if there are any changes.

I am proud to report that I have lost 2" in my waist at the belly button, lost 1" in my hip area and have gained 1/2" in my bicep and 1/2" in my thigh.  I also shaved 20 seconds off of my mile run and am able to hold a wall sit and plank for about 20 seconds longer than before.  It is so rewarding to know that I have tangible progress! 

After my much needed workout with Janna, Justin and I headed up to his sister's house to celebrate Little Man's 3rd Birthday.

He was so excited to open his gifts and eat his cake.  I love spending time with both J.P. and McKenna because they both bring me so much joy.  It is amazing to watch them grow and change.  Plus, there are always great hugs to be had when we see them.

After J.P.'s party, we headed home to relax and watch the Super Bowl™.  I say watch because we did not watch the entire game but caught bits and pieces of it.  Reggie stopped by to hang out and catch up since we had not hung out in a few weeks.  When Reggie got there, he found a comfy seat on the couch, which just so happened to be where Frye was sleeping.  I would say Frye was not too happy about it.

Honestly, Frye is just yawning and I just had really good timing, but it seriously looks like Frye is yelling at him.  Too funny!

Question of the Day:
Who were you rooting for?
What is your favorite Super Bowl™ snack?

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