Monday, February 4, 2013

Gun Range Adventures

Can I just point out how cold it is right now? It is 18° here right now and it feels much colder than that.  Luckily, the snow is falling and the ground is pretty and white so that makes up for the awfully cold weather.

Who here likes to read? I know I do! I have been in the market for a good read for a little while, but have not had the time to actually pick up a book and read.  Last week, I put in a Hold request at my local library to get a copy of The Happiness Project.

I've read about two chapters of the book and so far am really enjoying reading it! Once I get it finished, I will make sure to share my review with you all.

Saturday, Justin and I joined Da Jones' to celebrate Kelsey's birthday.  Justin and Kelsey are about 2 weeks apart and it's always fun to see them hang out.  Kelsey's choice of birthday celebration was to head out to the gun range and test out his new gun.  Of course Justin and I were super excited when Sarah invited us along on the adventure.  Especially since Justin could bring his gun along and I could fire it for the first time.

Everyone got to shoot a few different guns since Justin, Kelsey and Mr. Jones all brought guns with them to shoot.  We also were able to shoot moving targets with a Glock.  I am not a fan of the Glock because the higher caliber makes the gun "kick" back more.  I tend to favor a .22 caliber because it is not so rough on the hands.

After we went to the gun range, we headed out to The Sardine Room in Plymouth, MI.  I had never heard about this restaurant before, so I was excited for a new adventure at a new restaurant.

The food was so good I forgot to take pictures! We tried fish off the bone, wagyu sirloin, sweet potato pancake with curried rabbit, house made gnocci, and the braised lamb leg.  I can honestly say that I tried a wider variety of food at this restaurant than I have in probably a year, maybe two.  It is always exciting to try something different at a new restaurant! If you're ever in the area and are looking for a good restaurant, I would definitely check this place out!

Question of the Day:
What is one food you've tried that you never imagined you would like?

Mine? Rabbit.  It was pretty tasty.

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