Monday, February 11, 2013

Un, Deux, Trois

Happy Monday Morning Everyone! I trust you had a relaxing weekend and spent some time getting everything done that you needed to.

I'd like to start today's post with this:

Three cats are competing in a race.  There's an American cat names, "One Two Three", a German cat named "Ein Zwei Drei" and a French cat names "Un Deux Trois".  The cats all swim across a lake.  The American cat finishes first, the German cat finished second, but the French cat is no where to be found.  

Because "Un Deux Trois" Quatre Cinq

I laughed pretty hard at that joke and I hope it gave you a smile too.  Plus the picture always brings me a few giggles.

Sunday Justin and I spent some much needed time relaxing and hanging out around our house while doing some laundry.  I was able to work on a baby blanket for my friend, Kelly's, baby shower coming up in a few weeks and I am proud to say it is almost done!

Yesterday, Janna and I were supposed to run a 5k race, but due to the cold weather, we decided it would be better to just run it at the gym on the treadmill.  With ice everywhere, it did not seem wise to be running outside.  I am proud to announce that I finished the race in 32:13.  That is a full four minutes faster than the 5k I ran on my birthday last year! I am so excited.

The weather in Michigan has been crazy the last few days.  On Friday we were hit with about six inches of snow, but this morning we are seeing 45° weather and the snow is melting away.  It sure makes for some weird headaches and multiple layers of clothing.  Today I cannot seem to get warm even though it is a full twenty degrees warmer today than yesterday.

I hope your day is wonderful!

Question of the Day:
What is your clothing of choice when working out in cold weather?

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