Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chest Pain Update

Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to do a follow up on the chest pain I had mentioned last month that has been preventing me from working out.  Last Monday while I was at work, I experienced some of the strongest pain I have had since the initial issue.  While I was at work I was having difficulty breathing and sitting down was next to impossible.  As a result of the pain, I decided that it was time I made my way back to the doctor to pay her a second visit.

On Friday morning I scheduled my appointment to get my blood work done, since my doctor request I do it a month ago {whoops}.  While I was at the office getting my blood drawn I started to feel faint and went through all of the steps fainting without actually blacking out.  Let me just say, I hate that feeling.  Luckily, I was able to lie down before I blacked out.  Because of almost fainting, it made my chest hurt 10x worse than it did on Monday.  It also forced me to work from home since I was worried about the 45 minute drive.

On Friday afternoon, I made my way to see my primary care physician to discuss what has been going on.  The first thing we did was an EKG.  I am proud to announce that my heart is fine, just beating a bit too fast.  After getting positive results from the EKG, she did some poking and prodding and concluded that my rib cage is the "problem".  She ordered an extra test on my blood work (not sure what) and requested for them to look for inflammation indicators as well.  

She informed me that the inflammation indicators in my blood would indicate that there is some form of inflammation in my body somewhere (seems obvious) and that we will have to see what the blood work brings back.  If the blood work comes back positive for inflammation, then I will need to have a Bone Scan (the kind with the IV) which will show exactly where there is inflammation.

Unfortunately my blood work will not be back before Tuesday (when the Dr. is in next) so I have to wait until then.  So until Tuesday, she prescribed me 600mg Ibuprofen to be taken three times daily.  This should help with the pain and if it works, that would be second indication of inflammation.  

Sooooo... that is my update on that.  So far the Ibuprofen has not done anything but I have only been taking it twice daily since it makes me woozy.

When I know more Tuesday, I will let you all know!

Thanks for checking in.

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