Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ladies Retreat

Who loves traditions? I know I do

Last year my mom and I started a tradition of going on the ladies retreat hosted by her church every March and I was excited to see that this years would be "hosted' by a different group.  

Do you know who Kathy Troccoli is? If I am being honest, I did not know very much about her until I went on the retreat, but when she started singing, I knew exactly who she was.  I grew up listening to my mom sing her music and it brought back tons of memories listening to her sing.

Turns out she is hosting the Among Friends Conference and this was the event that we were attending this year.  Along with Kathy Troccoli, there were two other women: Jennifer Rothschild and Dr. Jeanne Porter-King.  It was so awesome to hear them talk and I am excited to say that I purchased one of Jennifer Rothschild's devotional studies to do with my friend, Danielle.

On Friday afternoon, my mom and I made our way up to Lansing to get checked into the hotel and do some shopping before the event started.  I was so thrilled to see how nice the hotel was! It even greeted us at the door!

After we checked into the hotel we dropped off our stuff and made our way to dinner at Clara's Lansing Station restaurant.  I was thrilled to see that we would be eating dinner inside of an old train car connected to a retired train station.  I love going to restaurants that are filled with history.

For dinner we had salad and pizza.  The salad was super delicious and I honestly wish that I could have had second servings.  For dessert, we had cupcakes that were SUPER yummy.  I, of course, helped myself to seconds on the dessert.

Friday night and Saturday morning were spent enjoying the conference and companies of some pretty awesome ladies.  The only thing I wished is that more girls my age were attending the conference.  I still had a lovely time, but I think next year it could be good to invite a few 20 somethings to the event.  We're all women anyways!

I have to say that I will be looking forward to next years event.  As time goes on, I find myself more excited to getaway with my mom and enjoy her company as I grow up.  

Question of the Day:
What is your favorite thing you do with your mom?

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