Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fool's Run

Good morning everyone! I am so sorry that it has been a week again.  Where is the time getting to? 

This past week has seen some pretty fun and exciting things! First off, we have seen the sun! It finally has made an appearance and it seems that it is here to stay.  BUT Michigan is known to have crazy weather, so I wouldn't be too surprised if it switches in an instant.  I did get to enjoy driving around with my windows down though!

On Saturday, Janna and I had planned on running a 10k together, but due to my recent injuries, I have not been cleared to do any exercising outside of walking.  So I was proactive and contacted the race people to see if I could switch to a 5k walk and I was able to! So while Janna ran her 10k, I walked my 5k.

My goal was to finish a 5k in just over a 15 minute mile (or 4.0 mph) and to be finished before Janna finished her 10k and I did! And actually, I walked 3.62 miles in the time she ran her 5k.  BUT, I am so excited for Janna! She was able to run the entire race and finished in just over a nine minute mile.  Isn't that so awesome?!

About the 3.62 miles, there was a point in the race where they had us loop around the neighborhood and according to the nice young men directing us we were supposed to do that loop twice, but in all reality we weren't.  Oopsy! 

I think the most exciting part of the race was the fact that I placed second for my age bracket {20-29} and I got a plaque!

It is not a major accomplishment, but it is my first ever award for competing in a race.  I cannot wait to hang it up at home.  I'm thinking it will go by my desk.

Question of the Day: 
What is your favorite award you've ever won?

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