Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Catching Up from the Weekend

Hello Everyone! Happy Hump Day! I hope your week is going well so far.  This week has been rather busy, but the weather has been wonderful which is boosting everyone's moods!

Last time we talked, I mentioned that I got my results from my bone scan and everything was looking good! I was relieved to hear that my bones were a'okay but I also knew that it would mean that I would have to do more tests.  So what's next? An ultrasound.  I am going tomorrow morning to get an ultrasound on my lower abdomen.  I guess the doctor is going to be checking for gall stones.  Once I know what's up from that, I will make sure to follow up with you!

Last weekend was absolutely crazy, wonderfully, busy and that is EXACTLY how I like it.  Saturday Justin and I devoted our day to hanging out around the house cleaning and relaxing until we needed to head out for the evening.  The plan was to run to JoAnn so I could buy some fabric for a project I was working on Sunday afternoon.  I also ended up buying this super cute gift box for a baby shower I am attending next weekend. 

After JoAnn, the plan was to stop by my in-law's house to pick something up from my mother-in-law, then go to my parents house for dinner.  

My mom made some delicious Lasagna with salad and rolls.  It was so yummy! I wish I knew how to cook lasagna like she does.  After dinner, we played a round of Russian Rummy and I ended up losing REALLY badly, but it is just a game and I still had a great time! 

On Sunday, Justin and I got up pretty early to get the house ready for the company we were having Sunday evening.  I spent the morning grabbing groceries and making delicious Chocolate Lasagna! I will share the recipe in a separate post.  As I've shared before, I try to have my girl-friends over once a month so that we can guarantee seeing each other at least once a month.  This month's "theme" was sewing and Sarah and I spent the afternoon sewing tunics (will share the results later) while Caroline and Danielle baked cupcakes with the same yellow cake recipe I had made Janelle's birthday cake last weekend.  

Have you ever heard of SnapChat? I hadn't until Sunday when the girls showed me and we spent hours snap chatting each other and having a great laugh.  

We also spent some time playing with the make me fat app that takes your face and makes it look much larger than you actually are.  I have to say, I laughed for a straight five minutes when Danielle showed me this picture:

We still cannot figure out what happened to Sarah's face, but we laughed pretty hard.  I love getting together with these girls because I always have fun and always get a great laugh.  Plus, I have received non-stop SnapChats from them since Sunday.  So much fun!

Questions of the Day:
What fun traditions do you have with your friends?
How often do you plan to see them?


  1. That was so much fun!! Can't wait to finish my tunic :-D


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