Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Birthday Weekend Part 2!

My birthday celebration finished off with one of the most fun things I've ever done: The Color Run! My cousin's ran it last year and said that they had an absolute blast, so of course I HAD to run it this year.

The purpose of The Color Run, in case you did not know, is to get as much color on you as possible.  It is a 5k race where every kilometer they splash you with color.  Luckily, the color is edible and only stains clothes if it sits on there for too long because it is made out of corn starch and food coloring.

Don't we look so fresh and so clean? This was us as we were waiting in line to start the race.  I guess some 20,000 people came to run the race so when we got in line we were in the VERY back of the group.  They started doing waves every minute or so to allow for the color tossers to get the color prepared for the next group of people.  We ended up being in wave 12 which seems like a high number but there were a ton after that! 

After the race, the color run has a huge party where everyone is able to throw their color packets into the air.  It is so unbelievably cool to see all of the different colors flying into the air and to see all of the people jumping and soaking it all in.  I do have to note that even though this stuff is edible, I would not recommend opening your mouth while running through a color station.  It will turn your teeth different colors. haha

Danielle did not run the race with us, but she did come along to grab some pictures of us at the color party afterward.  Unfortunately, she got hit by a color packet and got quite a bit of green on her.  Such a suitable color that does not match anything on her person.  Thank you Danielle for grabbing some great pictures of us! 

After the race, we all headed back to the hotel to grab some showers before heading home for the day.  Overall my birthday celebration was a blast and I am so thankful for everyone who made it so special! I cannot wait until next years event! It's bound to be something fun!

Question of the Day:
What is your favorite thing you've done for your birthday?

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