Monday, May 20, 2013

Infantly Cute Boutique Grand Debut Weekend

Good morning everyone! I seriously feel as though my life has not stopped moving since last month and that is okay! Just trying to play catch up - again! 

I do not think I have mentioned anything about me helping my mother-in-law open a business before on the blog due to the fact that it was somewhat a secret, until now! The first weekend in May, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and myself had our very first Debut for the business, Infantly Cute Boutique! We sell all things baby: from quilts to pacifier clips and even a few other fun things like diaper bags! 

My mother-in-law has been talking about maybe selling her wonderful hand made products for years, but until now, the timing was just not right.  Last year after a few major changes occurred in her life, she found herself with the time and the energy to start up her very own baby product business, and that is where we are today!

Our grand debut weekend consisted of us setting up our very first booth at a consignment sale up in Fenton, MI.  It was so exciting and nerve wracking because we had never sold our product to the public before and this weekend was going to be the tell all of how well the product would sell.  

At the debut we sold: burp cloths, bibs, pacifier clips, minky blankets (seen below), fleece blanks and quilts. Our goal was to sell around what the cost of the show would be and I can excitedly announce that we sold almost 10X what we were hoping to sell! Overall, the weekend went really well.

One of the best parts of our product is the fact that they come in individual pieces that when put together make a full set.  As you can see from the picture below, the burp cloths, bibs, pacifier clips and quilt all match! It's almost like Vera Bradley for babies!

All of the boy stuff linked together! Do you see the bicycles on the white blanket? Those are my favorite for little boys! 

Our booth set up for the first day of the show! 

I am so excited to see where this journey takes us all and I am excited to see what my mother-in-law can do with her wonderful talent!

If you would like to see our collection or purchase any items you can find us here:


Or if you would prefer, you can contact me right through this blog and I can connect you with our wonderful products! 

**I should note that all of our products are hand made here in Michigan in a pet free/smoke free home, all products have been washed twice in gentle, hypoallergenic soap to guarantee the quality of the product and all items can be made to custom order.  If you see a pattern that you like but do not see the product online, do not hesitate to ask for it! We can make it custom made.** 

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