Monday, June 24, 2013

North Carolina on a Quick Pass

Hey All! I hope you enjoyed my Angel Food Cake recipe yesterday! It sure was delicious and I cannot wait to make it again in the near future.

As you can tell I am still playing catch up from the last few weeks {sorry} and I still have a bunch of stuff to fill you in on! The first weekend in June Justin, my mom, and I went to North Carolina to see my cousin graduate from high school and visit some dear friends from my childhood.

The drive down to North Carolina was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The sun was shining and there was green to be seen for miles.  I absolutely love going on road trips.  To be honest, driving is one of the most therapeutic things that I can do and when the opportunity arises for me to drive for hours, I typically do not pass on the opportunity.


Our weekend was filled with graduations between my little cousin graduating from preschool and my cousin graduating high school.

My cousin Andrew was hamming it up when it was his turn to sing or speak in the microphone.  I am always highly amused by 4-5 year old children because they get so much delight from the simplest things - like getting a chance to talk into the microphone.

After Andrew's graduation, we all went home to relax because we knew we would have a busy day the next day.  My cousin, Katie's, graduation ceremony was at 9:00 am, so we were all up and about around 7:00 with the intent to leave around 8:30.  Because Katie had a graduating class of 3, the ceremony only last about an hour.  Each graduate had to give a speech and let me say, they all gave excellent speeches.  One of them even brought me to tears!

After the graduation, we went home to get ready for the party!

We all helped our own way through cutting up fruit or seeing up the decorations.  What do you think of the edible graduation caps I made? They were super easy and super delicious to make too! If I can find a tutorial to share, I will definitely do so.

Justin and I managed to sneak away for a quick walk because there were so many people there.  It was nice to find a few minutes of peace and quiet in the midst of all of the chaos.

The next morning Justin, my mom and I packed up our things and made the long drive home to Michigan.  On our way, we got caught in one of the worse thunder storms I have ever driven through.  Definitely scary!

Question of the Day:
What is your favorite party dessert?

Mine will always be cupcakes.  You can't beat cupcakes.

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