Thursday, June 27, 2013

Repeating Traditions - Strawberry Picking

Hey All! So this week has turned out to be pretty slow and I am quite alright with that.  I always find myself super busy and wishing for down time but when I have down time, I am always wishing I had something to do.  Guess I just cannot make up my mind.

Last weekend Justin and I spent some time celebrating birthdays and bridal showers with our friends and family.  My friend Sarah celebrated turning 24 in style by going out dancing.  There was supposed to be a large group of people going but because of last minute things only a few of the ladies made it out.  Either way, it was still a nice evening.  

On Saturday, Justin and I spent the morning running some much needed errands before we went to meet his parents for Strawberry Picking.  This is a tradition that we started last year with his family as a way to celebrate his mom's birthday and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite non-holiday traditions.

The weather here in Michigan has been rather warm that last few weeks, so of course the weather was wonderful for picking strawberries.  Like last year, we made our way out to Spicer's Orchard in Fenton, MI.  But unlike last year, the strawberries were MUCH larger.  


When we got to the orchard, we all grabbed our "buckets" for the strawberries and hopped onto the hayride to get to the strawberry patch.  My nephew, J.P., was super excited once we got on, but once the tractor started moving he started to get a bit nervous and grabbed onto Justin and I.  He is such a sweetheart.

Once we got the patch, everyone went their separate ways to try and find the biggest berries and we all had some pretty good luck finding some delicious ones.  On more than one occasion I caught JP eating some fresh picked strawberries and he made sure to get them ALL over his new white t-shirt.  How can you be mad at him, though, when he is being so adorable. 

After picking the strawberries, we made our way back to the shop to buy all of the strawberries and to get some cider and donuts.  I know that cider and donuts are more of a fall tradition, but since Justin and I never made it out to the orchard, we saw fit to grab a dozen donuts and they were delicious! Plus, while we were in there, Justin got some cuddle time with our niece, McKenna.  Isn't she just the cutest little thing?


And we managed to grab a family shot like the one we took last year.  Hard to believe that this time last year, my niece was not born yet.  It's crazy how much change can happen in a year.

After we were all set to go, we headed back to my sister and brother-in-law's house for pizza and presents (I made a cake but due to the heat, it had to be left behind).  I made a mango carrot cake that turned out pretty good! I will make sure to share the recipe on another post.

Overall the day was pretty exciting and I cannot wait to repeat the tradition next year!

Happy Birthday Marcy!

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