Monday, July 29, 2013

Double Date Night

Hey All! I honestly do not know where the last few weeks have gone and I seriously feel like I am being so irresponsible with this blog.  If you have continued to stick around and continue reading my blog, I really appreciate it! I really hope I can get this thing back on track in the next few weeks.  

Last week, Justin and I made plans to go on a double date with his coworker, Bryan, and Bryan's fiance.  The plan was to meet at their house and head out to dinner and putt putt. after work.  

They live over by the only Ikea in the state of Michigan, so of course Justin and I made a point to stop in to buy a few items that I needed to help organize my craft stuff.  Unfortunately, my crafting supplies have been taking over the living room so hopefully the storage bins will help correct this issue.  If you have any fun/cute ideas for organizing all things crafty, let me know! I'm open to all ideas.

For dinner we went to downtown Plymouth and grabbed a bite to eat.  After dinner we made our way to Sportway of Westland.  This place was pretty awesome! It had putt putt, batting cages and Go Karts, so you know we took advantage of all three!

The putt putt course was pretty neat! I love when they have tons of waterfalls and castles.  This particular course had two different sides: the castle side and the pirate ship side.  We ended up going on the castle side which was pretty neat.  Maybe next time we will make our way over to the pirate ship (it sure looked cool)!

After putt putt, we took a spin the Go Karts then made our way over to the batting cages.  I can honestly say that I have little to no hand-eye coordination so when I got in the cage and was able to hit 9 of 15 pitches I was super excited! I definitely would like to go back to batting cages and take a few more practice runs.  Plus, it's good exercise.

I look forward to the next double date we will do with Bryan and Jenny: Bocce Ball!

Question of the Day:
What is your favorite thing to do for a double date?

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