Friday, September 6, 2013

Nicole's Bachelorette Party

My day of festivities did not end with Nicole's bridal shower because as soon as we got home, we were getting ready for a night out on the town! Nicole did not know that her bachelorette party was going to happen that night, so she was pretty pumped when her sister (and matron of honor) told her that we would be going out to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. 

The evening started out with all of us girls heading to Casa Real for dinner and margaritas.  I had a delicious {appetizer} size chicken quesadilla.  Let me just tell you, their regular size quesadilla is way too much food for one person.  If you end up going there {which I totally recommend} make sure to plan on splitting a meal with someone or taking some food home.

During dinner, we also made sure to give Nicole our gifts before we headed out for the evening.  On top of all of the wonderful gifts, the restaurant also provided her with a wonderful song, hat and a shot of tequila.  Now that is how you start the night off.  

After dinner, Nicole was surprised with a totally awesome party bus {stripper poll included} for us to drive around for a few hours before heading off to our next event of the evening.  Of course we had a wide variety of alcohol from jello shots to rum and coke which we gladly consumed while driving around.  We also enjoyed a game of "banana" ring toss (not picture) and everyone showcased their stripper poll dancing skills.  Mine... are severely lacking. 

After driving around for an hour or so, we made it to our final destination for the night: Drag Queen Bingo! I really was not sure what to expect from Drag Queen Bingo because I have never really been around any drag queens, but I can honestly say that it was a ton of fun.  The interesting thing about this was the fact that the there were hardly any men there.  I mean, there were literally three men out of over 75 people in the room and September Murphy made sure to draw attention to them. 

Any time she called O69, she made one of the men come up on stage, take off their shirt and dance to your traditional "strip club" music.  It was highly entertaining and I enjoyed the free "show" that we got.

If at any point during the evening you got a Bingo you were required to go up on stage to receive your prizes.  And ironically, two people in our group got Bingo: Kellie and I!  I wish we had gotten a picture of me up on stage getting the prize, but we did not.  I DID get a picture of Kellie though! We each got a t-shirt and a funny coffee mug.  You can see a picture of my mug below, but due to inappropriate language on the shirt, I will not be posting a picture.  I will say, it's pretty funny!

The evening ended with us all hitching a ride home on the party from Drag Queen Bingo and a few lovely ladies crashing for the night at my apartment (Jamie, Elizabeth and Kellie).  We stayed up until about three in the morning before finally crashing.  Such a wonderful night!

Congratulations Nicole! Can't wait to celebrate your big day! 

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  1. Great to go through this bachelorette party. It reminded me of my sister’s bachelorette party at one of LA venues. Her friends threw her that and they did a great work in arranging everything there. Really had a lovely time there.


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