Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Catching Up Again - Line Dancing Birthday Celebration

Here's a post I typed up yesterday but never published... it was a bit crazy yesterday!

Oh look, it's Monday again! How is everyone enjoying their first workday of the week? I hope well!
This post is to catch up from a few weeks ago when we celebrated Caroline's birthday! We originally had planned to go to "Painting with a Twist" again, but they ended up selling out of enough seats for all of us to go. So we did a girls night out instead!

The plan was for us to meet up at Toby Keith's: I Love this Bar and Grill for dinner then hang out until the line dancing started and that was exactly what we did.  The service was rather slow because they were so busy, but it ended up working out perfectly for the timing because we got there at 7:30 and the line dancing did not start until 9:00.

For dinner I got the All American burger (which was so delicious I forgot to take a picture) and had fries and a hard cider with that.  Danielle and I also split an order of deep fried Twinkies.  If you can remember from Justin's Birthday, I love deep fried Twinkies so I was very excited they had them on the menu.  After dinner (and dessert) we made our way to the dance floor where we attempted to do a few of the dances.

There was a live band so it was fun to go to a free "concert" and do some dancing while we were at it.  The night ended around 11 because we all had plans early the next morning.  Such a fun girls night out!

Happy Birthday Caroline!

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