Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sweetest Day {5 Simple Ways}

Happy Saturday Night/Sweetest Day Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Sweetest Day!

Our day was a bit different than a normal Saturday because we both had other plans previous to remembering that it was, in fact, Sweetest Day.  This morning I got myself up bright and early to go meet my mother-in-law so we could sell our product at Mom2Mom sale at the high school where I graduated in 2007 {and also where I met Justin}.  It was so fun, yet so strange to walk into a place where I hardly knew anybody but that was also a place that had so much influence on my life.  

It was so cool to go in there an see Justin's name up on the wall for the Top Ten 5000 M Cross-Country.  Not too many people know this about Justin, but he was a very great runner and placed first team all state when he was a junior and holds a few records at our high school.  It's always nice to be reminded of talents and to appreciate them.

For Sweetest Day, we kept things pretty low key because our anniversary is in less than 10 days and it just seemed silly to spend a ton of money on today.  So we just each got each other cards and they both were the perfect cards for each other.  Justin loves Superman so of course I was super excited when I came across this Superman card and his card was so perfect because we both wore converses to our wedding.  Such a sweet memory and such a nice card.

My friend, Sarah, stopped by this evening to hang out and we just sat around talking, eating dinner and catching up.  It is always nice to spend one-on-one time with my friends, especially when it was not planned.

Write them a love note, a thank you note, or any kind of note. Put your feelings into words. It really doesn't matter how much you write, all that matters is that you do write.
Does your spouse usually wake up early to get everyone in the house going? Take over the "morning shift" and let them sleep in.
If your spouse is normally the one who does the cooking, consider cooking them their favorite meal.
Do something thoughtful just for the sake of doing it (before they ask). Take the car to get an oil change, hang that picture on the wall or help them check off a few tasks on their to do list.
Whether it is engaging in a little PDA and holding hands while you're running errands or cuddling while watching a favorite show, touch is a great way to show you care.

These may seem like such simple ideas, but it is always good to be reminded of little ways to show love to your spouse.

Question of the Day:
What ways do you show your significant other affection?

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