Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wedding Weekend Part II

Our Labor Day weekend was filled with all kinds of fun events and parties and the fun continued on Sunday when we made our way to my cousin, Jamie's wedding!

A little known fact before the wedding is that Jamie asked me to step up and be a bridesmaid for her wedding and let me tell you, I was super excited! She had a bridesmaid drop out and was panicking because her numbers were not going to be even (as any bride would).  Thankfully, I was the same size as the bridesmaid and her dress fit me perfectly.

Jamie and Kyle's wedding was a Country Chic wedding and was set at this beautiful barn in Eastern Michigan.  The weather was not absolutely perfect, but it was clear enough to take some totally awesome pictures because there was hardly any shadows on our faces.

The ceremony took place outside in front of this beautiful pond with tons of willows and trees surrounding the area.  It was so beautiful even with some sprinkling rain.

After the ceremony, we took a short walk to this beautiful field filled with georgous yellow flowers to get our group pictures taken.  Overall, we had a totally awesome group of people and enjoyed each other's company as we wait for our turns at the photos.

After getting our pictures taken, we made our way to the venue to get the party started and boy was it ever fun!  Her venue was decorated with the cutest white pom balls, string lights and other miscellaneous.  Dinner was served buffet style and we had the most delicious chicken, pasta and veggies.  However, my favorite part was the rolls.  I'm always a sucker for rolls and made sure to have at least two while I was there.

Was dinner was done, the food tables were cleared and "dances began".  Jamie had one with her dad, Kyle one with his mom and, of course, they had their first dance.  It was so lovely to see Jamie dancing with Kyle because you could just feel the love between the two of them and it made you glad you were there to celebrate with them.

Of course, we ended the afternoon with dancing! My family has always been one to get on the dance floor so the crowd was perfect.  We danced to some oldies, some newer songs and of course did a few line dances here and there.  Dancing is always my favorite part of going to weddings and I made sure to dance until I could no longer dance.

The evening ended with everyone heading home with full bellies and tired feet.  Jamie's wedding was such a wonderful wedding!

{Congratulations Jamie and Kyle!}

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