Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Saturday Stirs

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I trust that you had a wonderful, fun-filled weekend! I had a three day weekend due to our anniversary being yesterday, but I will share with you some of the fun things we did in a separate post. 

Our weekend was super busy, but also very fun.  Saturday started with us heading out to see our nephew play soccer chase the ball around.  Since he is three years old, they do not have a game so much as they have a practice.  It was super cute watching him with his team mates and seeing him get his award.

It was very cold and windy when we were there, so Justin and I ended up shivering under tons of layers while we watched JP play.

Overall, JP is pretty quick to get to the ball, but he does not seem to quite get that you do not take turns for soccer.  He is very good at understanding that everyone should get a chance to take their turn but he could not understand why they were not taking turns.  It was super cute and I look forward to watching him get the hang of playing in the future.

Because this was JP's last game, everyone on the team got an award certificate and a sticker.  Well... JP got two stickers: one for his certificate and one for his ball.  I wish I had grabbed a picture of his ball because it is covered in stickers.  According to my sister-in-law, this allows for him to quickly find his ball in the pile.  I honestly think it is just because he really loves stickers.  Either way, it was super cute to see his ball covered in stickers.  

The afternoon ended with us heading to Boston's for pizza and appetizers.  JP even got to see Spiderman while we were there {the server was all dressed up and came to give him candy}.   Such a fun morning with my nephew! 

Our Saturday ended with us heading to an engagement party for my cousin, Courtney and her future husband Ronnie.  I neglected to take any pictures because it was all so much fun.

Next Up: Anniversary #2 Celebrations!

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