Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Catching Up: Bocce Ball with Bryan and Jenny

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I am still playing catch up from the last few months and from my surgery, but I am almost all caught up and have been able to keep things going pretty nicely.

Today's post is from a double date that we had with Bryan and Jenny.  If you remember, we've been on a double date with them before and even went to their wedding a few months back! 

This was the first time since their wedding that we were able to work out all of our schedules to get together and we were excited to get to hang out with them.  When we last got together with Bryan and Jenny, we told them about how we had our rehearsal dinner at the Palazzo di Bocce and how much fun it was to have dinner then play a game of bocce ball and they agreed that it would be fun so the planning commenced. 

If you have never played Bocce ball and do not know the rules, check out this site: Bocce Ball Rules.  The game itself is pretty simple.  You are to get your Bocce Ball (the large red/green ones) as close as possible to the Pallino (the small silver ball) without hitting the end of the court.  You can knock your opponents ball out of the way or you can try to get yours closer.  

As you can tell, we took the game very seriously and made sure to measure each ball to see who is closer.

All together, we played two games guys vs. girls.  Jenny and I won the first game with a whopping 15 - 2 score.  For the second game, Jenny and I dominated the game until the last half when Bryan and Justin came back to beat us 15 - 11.  Unfortunately, it got too late for us to play a tie breaker game, so we took a rain check to break the tie.

We ended the evening by finishing up our desserts {yes I had a cannoli} and coffee before heading home for the night.  Justin and I always have fun with these two and we very much enjoy their company.

I look forward to settling the tie and another date with these two! 

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite Double Date night date?

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