Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to Be Happy {According to Elite Daily}

Happy Thursday everyone! It's the day before the last day of work for the week and I sure am very excited! Tomorrow, Justin and I will be going to our first EVER Red Wings Game so I am overly excited.  I even made sure to go out and get my fan gear beforehand.

20 Things You Need to Let Go to Be Happy

Photo Courtesy of Delivering Happiness

While scrolling through my Facebook today, I came across this article that one of my local radio show hosts posted.  This article struck me pretty hard because, while most of the statements are obvious, I often forget them.  I hope these are as helpful for you as they were to me! 

Things You Need to Let Go:

  1. The Approval of Others
  2. Anger/Resentment
  3. Negative Body Image
  4. Idea of a Perfect Partner
  5. Perfect Life
  6. You're Going to Be Rich
  7. The Idea that Good Fortune Will Arrive at Your Doorstep
  8. Excuses
  9. Thoughts of Your Ex
  10. Stubbornness
  11. Procrastination
  12. Your Baggage
  13. Negativity
  14. Judgmental Thoughts
  15. Jealousy
  16. Insecurity
  17. Depending on Others for Happiness
  18. The Past 
  19. The Need for Control
  20. Expectations
Out of all of these, I would say I struggle most with negative body image, stubbornness, the need for control and expectations.  While I knew that I already struggled with all four of those aspects {and a some of the other ones} this post reminded me that we are constantly learning and constantly growing.  And...

So here is my question/challenge to you: which of these 20 do you struggle with and what are you doing to do about it? 

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