Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our First Red Wings Game!

Hump Daaaayyyyy! Hello everyone! I hope your week has been going well!

Today's post is going to be all about Justin and my first ever trip to a Red Wings game.  It is so hard to believe that even though we have both lived here for the majority of our lives, we have never been to a Red Wings game or a Lions Game.  Honestly, I feel a bit lame for having never gone before now.  

So of course, when we finally decided it was time to go to the game, we asked  my cousin Liz and her boyfriend Richie to take us to the game because he is a pretty big fan of the Wings.  I'm so glad we went with them because they made what might have been a bit overwhelming event very fun.

Before the game, Liz and I met Justin up for dinner.  Richie was going to try and join us, but he had to work until 6:00 and that was not enough time for us to eat and get to the game on time.  So we Liz and I made our way into downtown Detroit to meet Justin at Sweetwater Tavern.  Sweetwater Tavern was originally a hotel that was converted into a restaurant and their food is delicious! If you are ever down in the heart of Detroit, make sure to make a dinner stop at Sweetwater.

After dinner, we hopped onto the People Mover and hitched a ride right to The Joe Louis Arena.  It is so nice to be able to ride around on the People Mover and get to the major locations in the city! Plus, it was a bit chilly out so it saved us from walking through the cold.  Unfortunately, Richie had to walk over from his building and had to brave the cold weather to get there.  While we waited for Richie, we grabbed a picture of us by the bobble head in front of the arena.

Once we got into the arena, we made our way to our seats to get settled in for the game.  Once we found our seats and were settled in, Richie and Liz went to grab him some dinner because he had not had a chance to eat anything before meeting us at the arena.  I was very surprised at the wide variety of food that is available at the Joe Louis Arena! You have your traditional pizza and beer, but if you were in the mood you could get Buffalo Wild Wings! I wish I would have known that before we headed out to the game because I love Buffalo Wild Wings.  At least now I know for future reference. 

Because I have never been to a hockey game before, I did not realize how fast the game moves.  You almost have to always be paying attention to the game so you do not miss a thing! I loved how fast it moved and how excited everyone was when the Wings got even remotely close to the goal.  I always appreciate the energy surrounding sports and wish that I starting watching them at a younger age and was more dedicated to them now.  I think this whole sport thing is something that I could really get into!

After the second period, the Wings were up 3-2 so we decided that it would be best to make our way out a little into the third period to try and beat the traffic and save us the hassle of the crowds.  We made our way back out to The People Mover and back to our cars.  We got out of Detroit so quickly and I think I was able to get home the fastest I ever have from Detroit.

Unfortunately, after we left the game the Capitals scored a goal which tied up the game and the Wings lost in a shoot out.  I am definitely glad we left when we did because it would have been frustrating to stay and have them lose in the last minute.

Overall, the game was SUPER fun and I cannot wait to get back out to another one!

Questions of the Day: What is your favorite sport to watch? How often do you get out to games? 

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