Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Princess McKenna's Fabulous Snow White Party

Hi there! Happy Tuesday! I'm excited because this is my last catch up post from my surgery!

Today's post is going to be dedicated to sharing my niece's first birthday party with you! She had the cutest Snow White themed party and it fit her perfectly because she is a cute little princess!


My sister-in-law did the cutest decorations and prized for the party! Everything was decorated in blue, red and yellow and my niece had the cutest outfit on that matched everything in the party.  I loved how she incorporated all of the silhouettes of Snow White into the decorations and how she included the apples and a few bird houses which drew everything together!

She also got my niece the most adorable cake!

I loved how much detail they put into the cake and it was super delicious! Personally I prefer to have fondant on my cakes, but this cake was the perfect balance of cake and frosting and if I could eat some every day, I think I might.  Honestly, I am always impressed when I see cakes that have so much detail made with butter cream because it is not as solid as fondant! Kudos to the person who made that beautiful bow on her cake.

Once everyone arrived at the party, we all enjoyed a delicious lunch of mastaccioli, salad and delicious bread.  I really enjoyed the time during lunch because I was able to catch up with some friends I had not seen in quite some time.  I love going to parties and catching up with friends!

After lunch was finished we all enjoyed watching McKenna eat her "smash" cake.  There is just something so hilarious about watching a one year old eat their first birthday cake.

At one point during the cake smashing, my niece had it in her ears! That was not a fun mess to clean up I am sure! She was a bit tentative at first but once she realized it was okay for her to get the cake everywhere, so dug right in and made a huge mess! She enjoyed every minute of it and made sure to smash every.single.inch of her cake.

After the cake smashing, she got all cleaned up and we watched her open her gifts and spent some more time with everyone at the party.

It is so hard to believe that my "baby" niece is now a year old! Such a fun day watching her celebrate her first birthday and I look forward to celebrating many to come!

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