Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lions - Tigers - 10,000 - Oh My!

Hello! How is your Tuesday going? I hope it is going swell and you are having a nice day.  My day started a bit rough with one of the cats getting sick in the middle of the night (2:47am to be precise) and getting a bloody nose on my way into work; however, they day has turned out pretty nicely and should continue to do so!

This post is going to be brief because I just wanted to share some exciting news with y'all! 

RunwithJackabee has officially hit 10,000 views! I am so overjoyed and so thankful for all of you and your support as I work on this blog and share my life with you.

I have been working on my goals for the blog for 2014 and the very first goal on the list was to hit 10,000 views by June.  I never imagined that I would be hitting the goal this soon, let alone seven months earlier than I expected. 


Thank you.  Thank you for following my blog, thank you for reading my posts, thank you for your feedback & thank you for stopping by! I am always grateful for anyone and everyone who takes a moment to read my blog.

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