Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving... well belated Thanksgiving anyway! Our Thanksgiving Holiday was filled with time with family, delicious food and a ton of relaxing.  On Thanksgiving, we got up in the morning and got ready to head out to my in-law's house for an early Thanksgiving lunch.

Justin's mom is such a delicious cook and I look forward every.single.year to eating Thanksgiving dinner at their house.  I especially love her sweet potatoes and corn bread casserole! I'm hoping I can get a few recipes from her so that when we have Friendsgiving next year, I can make both of those delicious recipes.

Justin and I spent some time with his family watching the football game, eating delicious food and playing with our niece and nephew.  I love spending time with the little ones because they are full of joy and are always so happy to see you. 

This time I spent at least an hour play Play-Doh with my nephew.  I forgot how wonderful it is to play with Play-Doh! I even went so far to ask Justin to buy me some for my stocking.

Did you have snow on Thanksgiving this year? No? Well we did! It was crazy to wake up and see the ground covered in snow and to see the snow falling.  I love seeing snow and honestly it made me super excited for winter season.  Hopefully this year we will get more snow than we did last year! I think we had a grand total of ten inches of snow all season.  That is pretty wimpy compared to years past.

After we spent time at my in-law's house, we made our way over to my parents house to have "dinner" with my family.  Justin and I were both pretty full from eating with his family, so he did not have much to eat and I only had a few bites of everything.  I cannot pass up stuffing when I am presented with it!

After dinner, we all enjoyed desserts.  I made a batch of my edible acorns again and they were gone within ten minutes of being put out.  I count that as a huge success.  My grandma brought a delicious cake and I also brought a home made pumpkin pie.  I switched up the recipe a little bit this year and it turned out pretty good.  I think I will continue making it that way from now on {or at least until I find a different recipe to try}. 

After dinner my family played a round of Russian Rummy.  This year I opted out of the game because I was not in the mood for a game of cards, but it was fun to watch and listen to everyone laughing during the game.

While everyone played cards, I took the opportunity to play a few rounds on my mom's piano.  The have an old upright piano that I played for years {and years} as a kid and it was nice to sit down and try reading the music again.  After about twenty minutes of fooling around, I was able to get a few Christmas songs out.  I'm thinking that I will need to get my keyboard out when I have a minute and start playing again.  It is amazing how therapeutic it was to play.

After everyone left, Justin and I made our way home, but we did not get there when we expected to arrive...because we stopped at Kohl's on our way home.  Justin's mom asked for some nice sweaters for Christmas so I figured it could be a good idea to stop by Kohl's and look for a few sweaters at Black Friday prices and I'm glad we did! We ended up getting a TON of things for both his mom and for ourselves.

I have never shopped at Kohl's on Black Friday so I was shocked at how cheap so many of the items were and I was excited to get a few things to update my wardrobe and Justin's wardrobe while we were there.  Plus, I found a copy of Monopoly Deal for $2! I played this game for the first time when we went Up North over the 4th of July and I LOVE it! 

Question of the Day: 
Where is your favorite place to shop for Black Friday? What deals did you get this year?

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