Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Sleepover, Ninja Turtles and LOTS of Presents!

Hello There! How is your day going so far? I hope well!

This post is dedicated to catching up from the last Christmas celebration we had this year with Justin's family! This year we did something a little bit different with his family than we normally do.  Instead of all just getting together on one day to exchange gifts, we all went to my in-laws house to stay the night and basically have our own "Christmas morning".  So we packed up the car extra tight with gifts and made our way up to their house! 

Each of us was responsible to bring our own appetizer and cocktail to share with everyone.  My in-laws made 7-layer dip, we made pigs in blanket and pizza in a blanket and his sister brought Brie cheese with strawberry jam on french bread and everything was delicious! I never thought that just the appetizers would be enough food, but I sure was full!

After dinner, we hung out and played a round of Phase 10 until midnight then watched Tom & Jerry until everyone was ready to crash.  Justin made sure to get some snuggles in with JP before we all crashed for the night.  I love getting pictures like this of them because it captures their relationship.

Of course we had to put the gifts out from "Santa" for my nephew before we went to bed and let me tell you, I've never seen a tree so full of gifts before!


My nephew, JP, was so excited the next morning and could not wait to open all of his gifts up right away! In Justin's family we each get our own wrapping paper and JP knew which one was him and quickly began opening them up.  I loved to see how excited he was.  Us adults passed out our gifts and began opening them all-the-while watching JP and McKenna have a blast.  You would think that it would have taken forever to open them all, but I think all together it took about an hour! I am so excited about everything I received and feel so blessed by my in-laws this year.

This year for Christmas, JP got a bunch of Ninja Turtles stuff.  Can I just point out how old ancient it makes me feel to know that 20+ years ago I was watching and playing with Ninja Turtle toys, but boy does he love those Turtles.  Plus, there is nothing better than getting a chance to play it with your uncle!

The morning concluded with my father-in-law cooking us a delicious breakfast of omelettes, bacon, potatoes and fruit! Justin and I then made our way home for the evening to catch up on laundry and other miscellaneous chores around the apartment.  

Such a fun Christmas celebration with my in-laws! I hope we continue to do this for years to come! 

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  1. Jackie,
    What a wonderful recap of our celebration. Mike and I feel so blessed to have the family we have, and thought this years celebration was awesome and definitely worth repeating. I still crack up that JP thinks "santa" came to visit him 3 times this year.
    Love you,


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