Thursday, January 9, 2014

NYE 2014 Celebration

Happy New Years Everyone! 

This year for New Years we decided to invite everyone over to our place because we really did not have the extra money to be paying to go to a party.  It ended up being a super fun evening!

Everyone arrived around 8:00 which was perfect because I had just finished up our decorations and all of the props for our photo booth! This year to switch things up, I made my own photo booth with props and everything.  The idea originally came from The Pencil Jar on my Pinterest Board.  I loved how The Pencil Jar incorporated some fun props and a easy-to-make backdrop.  My backdrop was also very simple to make but I will share the tutorial on a separate post!

After everyone arrived, we played a few rounds of The Big Bang Theory Game and Big Bang Theory Uno.  It may not seem like something all that exciting, but we switched up a few rules in each game which made it more exciting and fun for everyone to play.

About the time we finished playing those game, Sarah and Kelsey arrived at the party and the photo booth fun began! They had just arrived home from Mexico about two hours before the party so when they got there, they were very tired but also ready to have fun!

After the pictures were finished, we all made our way to the living room to play one more game before the ball dropped at midnight.  This time we played a card game, but by the end of it, I think everyone was ready for it to be over.  I think we were all just getting tired and were ready to celebrate ringing in the New Year!

The night ended with us all hanging out and talking until everyone was ready to go home or go to bed.  We offered for everyone to crash if they needed and a few people took us up on that offer, so the next morning we were all up early working on getting ready to start the day and get things moving. 

Happy {Belated} New Years Everyone!

Question of the Day:
What fun things did you do for New Years?

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