Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Getaway

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I trust that you had a wonderful weekend and made some wonderful memories!

This weekend Justin and I made our way up to the Upper Peninsula with Justin's parents for a weekend away of relaxing and snowmobiling.  I love going to my in-laws cabin because it is just so relaxing of a time every time I am up there.  There is nothing better than the peace and quiet of nature to help settle your brain from all of the hum drum of daily life.

Plus in the winter, the snow is absolutely beautiful up there.  Michigan always sees a great deal of snow, but the southern side of the state does not see anywhere near the snow that the UP gets.  To give you an idea of how much there actually was, when standing straight up the snow was over my riding boots and up to my knee.  That was about 18-20" of snow!

Sunday my father-in-law got the snow mobiles up and running for us to go for a nice ride.  The weather was a perfect 25° and sunny which made for not too cold temperatures while you are going around 30 miles an hour on the sled.

While out on our ride, we made our way to Kitch-iti-kipi which is the largest natural occurring spring in the state of Michigan.  It was pretty neat to see because the water was not frozen.  Apparently, the spring will never freeze over even in the coldest of weather because the water is coming from underground.  This spring is also protected by the state, so no one can catch the fish there which means that there are some very large trout in the spring.  They have a little boat on a trolley that you can use to cross the spring, but we were not able to make our way across as someone else was using it when we got there.  Maybe next time we go, we can make our way across to see the big fish under the water.

Once we were done at the spring we made our way around on the snowmobiles for a little while longer before heading home for the night.  I love snowmobiling and would love to go back next month! Hopefully we will get that chance!

One of my other favorite parts of going to the cabin is having the time to work on a few projects.  While we were there I finished a scarf for my friend Nick and started working on a blanket! Once I have a chance to grab a few pictures of the scarf, I will make sure to share the pattern with you! And here is a sample of the blanket that I started.  I tried to use similar colors to this one, but my colors are a bit darker.  There is a link to the pattern below the picture, but I will make sure to share that with you when I am done with the blanket as well! 

Playful Stripes Pattern
Well that is it for now! Be looking for a pattern review and book review this week along with some other fun and exciting posts!


  1. The spring is super cool. And taking the boat out to see the fish is amazing. Thry get HUGE!

    1. That's what I heard! I'm hoping we can go back there next month so I can see the fishies :)


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