Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blog Topic Series VII

Happy Thursday Readers! I am off schedule this week because of a chaotic schedule between work and my personal life! I hope your week has been well and ends strongly tomorrow! What did you think about the Mother's Day Roundup? Have any of you tried any of the projects? I'd love to see them if you have!

Today's post is another fun Blog Topics Series!

+ Overheard at the Office.  When I saw this site, I laughed out loud! If you work in a position where there are people constantly talking around you, chances are you will hear some pretty funny things.  Take the time to write a few of them down and share them with your readers.  It is a good way to make yourself, and your readers, have a good laugh.

+ Share a Favorite Childhood Memory.  Sharing a personal memory with your readers is a good way for them to get to know you a little better and it provides them with a chance to share a fun memory with you.  

+ Share Your Favorite Quotes.  These could be fitness related, inspirational, love related or motivational.  This is a chance for you to share with your writers what inspires you and gives you a chance to inspire them.

+ Do a Post from the Blog Post Generator.  Feeling stuck? Check out this website that generates fun {and random} topics you can cover on your blog.  It is a good way to do something a bit out of the normal routine without having to put too much thought into it.

+ Share a Vacation Planning Guide or Travel Tips.  So many people want to plan a vacation for themselves, but have no idea where to even begin.  Share tips from a recent trip on how readers can: save money, save time, get the most out of their experiences.  They'll be grateful for the information and it is a good way to share your travels with your readers. 

So what do you think? Do you see any post ideas that inspired you to try something new? I sure hope so! If you decided to try these {or any other previous ideas} please let me know! I love to hear from you all.

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